Katherine Campbell Edwards

"Girl & Appaloosa"

Watercolour & texta on board
15 x 15cm
$AUD 250.00

"Aquarium Terrarium"

Acrylic & watercolour on paper
80 x 60cm
$AUD 990.00

"Into The Wild"

Acrylic on canvas
100 x 80cm
$AUD 2,800.00

Three is a Crowd

Three is a Crowd

Acrylic & watercolour on canvas
50 x 50cm
$AUD 1,900.00

"Skin Ego"

90 x 90cm
$AUD 2,800.00

"Birds of a Feather"

20 x 20cm
$AUD 450.00

"What Narcissus Saw"

90 x 60cm
$AUD 2,500.00

"feel my vibe"

"two visions of this starry night"

30 x 40cm



oil/ pencil on plywood
35 x 30cm



oil/ pencil on plywood
30 x 22cm


oil & ceramic on canvas
110 x 90cm

Using the body as a portrait, I construct a self-referential feminine space in my artwork to articulate unconscious parts of the self as well as universal notions of today’s “third wave feminist”. I am interested in exploring female self-objectification, to ask the question through my own portrayal of the female body, can visual objectification be more than something limited and inherently patriarchal? Can it be fluid and inter-changeable?

Politics of gender, sexuality and identity inform my work, in particular how visual and popular culture affect personal identity including the influence of social media and the selfie. The traditional feminine ‘salon nude’ is decontextualized and immersed in nature alongside mythical animals, pets, and domestic objects. Amongst this unfolding diorama one encounters symbolic bodily adornments in the form of royal crowns, masks, suspenders, animal ears and antlers. As if they were exhumed relics from a lost world, the figures, at once disembodied and multiplying, validate their mythical, archetypal existence. A constant re-modelling of the body is a metaphor for our unconscious drives and undiscovered parts. Classical studies of heads, torsos, limbs and various body parts are anatomically isolated - intentionally questioning the context of the nude subjects in order to re-think traditional definitions of gender and beauty. 

Katherine is a practicing visual artist working from her studio in St Kilda Melbourne. She received an Australian Postgraduate Award Scholarship in 2013 and has completed her Masters of Fine Art by Research at the VCA, University of Melbourne this year. With a Diploma of Visual Arts from RMIT, she received the university Design Award in 2001 for her Honours thesis “Reconstructing Space” after completing a Bachelor of Design. In 2014 she conducted field research in Rome through a VCA travelling scholarship. She has been working as an art gallery administrator for the last 15 years, curating and executing exhibition programs involving emerging and mid-career artists. Katherine has exhibited her work since 2010 and had an exhibition “Body of Water” at Brightspace in April 2015.

Katherine grew up in an artistic environment surrounded by artworks whilst her mother opened an art gallery in 1987 to support local Australian artists. She regularly participates in Dynamic Drawing classes run by esteemed Byron-Bay teacher Ron Curran. Ron passionately promotes the intuitive and expressive essence of drawing and his classes have been a major inspiration - in particular, the zen quality of the use of pure white space, fluidity of mark-making, and the sense of self which is emerging in every piece. 

“Katherine’s work is characterised by a graceful and irrepressible lyricism, a whimsy that constantly searches at the borders of her experience in a striking and yet tender way. Her book, her dream, her visual literature is classic and real...and plays wonderfully, naturally into a vivid lake of Pan-Natural Dreaming. She has a subtle and reflective style that constantly invites wider horizon and possibility. The quality of her ink is striking and undeniably sensitive. It has a joyful detachment, a pure and searching signature. The tales, the folklore, the intimate histories to which Katie’s work eludes reveal, in layers, stories, that are delightfully ambiguous, romantic and enchanting.” Ron Curran 2010

Career highlights:

2015, December: Rubicon Ari group show fundraiser, “The Mad Minute”, Melbourne 

2015:       International Conference of The Image, University of Berkeley, San Francisco, Paper                     

                presentation of Masters Research project (October)

2015:       “F-Generation: Feminist, Art, Progressions” Group show, 7 - 16 October, George Paton gallery, Parkville                                      

2015:       VCA Research Symposium, Parkville Melbourne, Presentation of research project 

2015:        Loop Project Space, Meyers Place, Melbourne

                 exhibit of “Body of Water” video installations

2015:        Solo show, “Body of Water”, Brightspace gallery, Melbourne (April)

2014:        Received VCA Travel Grant, (6 weeks June): Rome, Italy field research trip 

2013        Awarded APA (Australian Postgraduate award) Scholarship

                 Master of Fine Arts, University of Melbourne (VCA)

2011:       Solo show, Carnival, Jinks Creek Gallery, Gippsland, Victoria

2010:       Finalist, Group exhibition Brunswick Street Gallery Works On Paper Prize 

2001        Graduate Design Award from Swinburne University, Melbourne 

                First Class Honours - for Thesis “Reconstructing Space”

Curatorial Projects:

2003 - Present, managing of monthly exhibition program at Libby Edwards Galleries, Melbourne

2008 Harpers Bazaar Book Press Launch

Organised international exhibition in collaboration with Harpers Bazaar magazine, including press coverage of the event. Group show of international photography and launch of Harpers coffee table book ‘The Red Book’.

2007 Hong Kong Travelling Exhibition

Procured and curated an international exhibition in collaboration with a Hong Kong art dealer. The pop-up event showcased a selected group of Australian contemporary artists.

2004 Paparazzi Graduate Fashion Show - Libby Edwards Galleries Sydney

Organised a show with contemporary artist Mia Galo, and in collaboration with East Sydney Technical College to parade their top students designs in a catwalk-inspired exhibition “Paparazzi”. 


"Moonlit River"


"Mesopotamian Memories"


"City Ruins"


"I met Edie Sedgwick "


"Role Model"


"With a roll of the dice she reduced men to mice"


"Forest Dweller"




"Leaving the lady Green Sleeves "

70 x 100 cm

"Your Longing is your Calling "

mixed media on canvas


"vermillion seasons & all your reasons"


"i see youve gone and changed your names again"

70 x 100 cm

"The Uninvited Guest The Uninvited Guest"

15 x 15cm

"Starry starry night"


"too soon, too tall beyond my mirrored wall"

30 x 40cm

"enter my parlour"

110 x 60cm

"I met edie sedgwick"

work on paper
56 x 76cm

"the hanging garden of hope"


"it was a Midsummer Night's dream"

65 x 55cm

"Mickey in the night kitchen"



60 x 70cm

"She sent pandora's box packing "

65 x 80cm

"antipodean encounter"

"the lady of shallot 2"

30 x 49cm

"I am half-sick of shadows "


"The Mannequin Diaries 2 "

15 x 20cm

"starry starry night 3"

30 x 65cm

"I see you've gone & changed your names again 2 "

76 x 56cm

"my alter-ego"

40 x 39cm

"the rabbit hole"


"Through the looking glass "

49 x 30 cm

"harlequin dreaming"


"The possibilities are endless"


"Rodin rendezvous"

30 x 49 cm
$AUD 550.00


100 x 70cm
$AUD 880.00

"later that evening"

49 x 30 cm

"I love you, Tudor style"

30 x 50 cm
$AUD 550.00

"with a roll of the dice"

30 x 50cm

"its been a while between drinks "


"Moon shadow"



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